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Delaying Disease Progression Across a Population

This webinar discusses the building blocks of a successful Care Pathways intervention strategy, including how to use this methodology to improve population stratification, risk prediction, and long-term health management. The Care Pathways Framework is an innovative approach to total population health management that focuses on a long-term view of a patient’s healthcare journey. This methodology analyzes the clinical trajectory of a chronic condition and places individuals along specific stages of that condition. Each stage requires unique health messaging, behavior change strategies, and clinical best practices.

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Giving Patients a Voice in Their Care
Giving Patients a Voice in Their Care

Patients are not always aware they have more than one treatment option and often, physicians rarely inquire...

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Prediabetes - The Silent Epidemic
Prediabetes - The Silent Epidemic

Dr. Peter Goldbach discusses key findings from a Health Dialog study on the diagnosis patterns of prediabetes.