How to Increase Medication Adherence: Critical Elements of a Patient Engagement Program Webinar

It’s been said that medication non-adherence costs the industry up to $289 billion a year and results in poor clinical outcomes and higher hospitalizations. In addition, Star cut points continue to increase, forcing health plans to think outside the box to chase that illusive 5 Star rating. Increasing medications adherence benefits everyone: the payer, the manufacturer—and most importantly—the patient.

In this webinar, presenters Jenny Glennon, PharmD, RPh, and Peter Goldbach, MD, will take viewers on a journey toward medication adherence featuring three real patients struggling with very real and very personal barriers to adherence.

During this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Use analytics to design medication adherence engagement programs that drive results
  • Identify barriers to medication adherence within the population
  • Promote long lasting behavior change and adherence
  • Intervene at different disease states for an effective plan to increase adherence

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