Webinar Preview: Tackling the Top 5 Barriers for Medication Adherence

August 3, 2018 Mark Flores


It may sound like a simple task to take medications on time and as directed. However, medication non-adherence is more common than you may expect.

Today, a staggering 50 percent of patients with chronic conditions do not take their medications as prescribed, and up to 66 percent of the medication-related hospitalizations in the United States are the result of poor medication adherence.

To take on this growing epidemic, it’s critical that organizations identify the top barriers for poor adherence among their populations and implement patient engagement and educational intervention programs to initiate lasting change.

Where to Start

On August 15th, my colleague Jenny Glennon, PharmD, RPh, will be hosting a webinar that will cover the top five obstacles organizations face when it comes to their population’s medication adherence. These include:

  1. Understanding which characteristics of non-adherence affect a population
  2. Determining how to engage difficult-to-reach segments of a population
  3. Overcoming barriers to adherence
  4. Strengthening patient-provider relationships and communication
  5. Uncovering an individual’s complex medication taking behavior
  6. Understanding the pharmacy impact

In addition, she will outline actionable solutions to these challenges such as: leveraging predictive analytics to determine high-risk patients, initiating multi-channel engagement programs, establishing high-touch interventions, providing personalized motivational coaching, encouraging more provider touchpoints, and more.  

Making a Change

Every year, medication non-adherence takes the lives of more than 125,000 people and costs the country’s healthcare system $300 billion. The time is now to make a change, and with the proper engagement organizations we can generate results that make a significant impact. If you’re interested in learning how, mark your calendar for August 15th and register for our webinar today!

Register here!

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